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Volatile Organic Compounds Testing

Is a "Sick" Home making You Sick? 
Volatile Organic Compounds May Be the Reason

The term "Sick Building Syndrome" is used to describe a range of symptoms that pose a serious health risk to building occupants, caused by a wide range of airborne elements, ranging from chemicals used in construction materials or furniture, combustion gas generated by equipment such as heating, mold, bacteria and a host of other factors.  Poor ventilation systems designed for energy-saving unfortunately often a contribute to the problem. Common symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome include headache, irritated throat, itchy eyes and nose, coughing, nausea, and fatigue. People prone to allergies, respiratory problems, infants and the elderly may be at higher risk.   The overall indoor health environment in your home can be assessed with our new Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) testing. This graphic outlines the problem in a typical home:

1.    Synthetic Insulation

2.     Poor Air Circulation

3.     Lack of Fresh Air

4.     Smoke

5.     Paint Fumes

6.     Dust mites

7.     Carpet Out gassing

8.     Pet Dander

9.    Toxic Household Cleaners

10.  Fabric Out gassing

11.  Natural Gas/CO2

12.  Construction Materials

13.  Bacteria From Toilet Bowl

14.  Mold & Mildew

15.  Lead or Toxic Paint

16.  Carbon Monoxide

17.  Oil & Gas Fumes

Our Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) testing is an excellent overall health barometer for any building. In addition to identifying specific chemical compounds, it will also alert the owner to the presence of biological contaminants like mold. With mold, we can advise and provide you either further testing or remediation or both. Testing for Formaldehyde and second hand smoke are also options to the main VOC test.  


If elevated VOC levels are present, we will offer our expertise and experience for solutions. Our Correct Filters furnace filter program may be the answer in some cases, but every home is unique, so call us for your test today.


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