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 (Avg. Size) Condo/Town home Call for Quote Radon (during inspection) Call for Quote
Home up to 3,000 Sq Ft Call for Quote Radon (separate call) Call for Quote
Home 3,001 to 5,000  Sq, Ft Call for Quote VOC * (during inspection) Call for Quote
 Home 5,001  to 10,000 Sq, Ft Call for Quote  VOC (separate call) Call for Quote
 Home Over 10,000  Sq, Ft Call for Quote Mold (during inspection) Call for Quote
Commercial or Industrial Property Call for Quote Mold (separate call) Call for Quote
Expert Oversight Services -
"a fresh set of eyes" for professionals or large projects
Call for Quote

* each area tested


All readily accessible areas/components of property will be inspected during inspection.

Payment by credit card, check or cash due on delivery of our 34 page inspection booklet.

Homes with multiple kitchens, crawl spaces, or 75 yrs. and older require $50.00 additional for each variance. Please call us if you have questions.

Quotes on homes or commercial properties available on request. We can also package specialists for large commercial projects (see Expert Oversight and Our Credentials section for more)

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