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What Makes a Great Home Inspector?
(and what it means to you!)

Most of today's home inspectors come to the market with either no builders background or years in another unrelated trade. Real estate insiders secretly know that home inspection is a relatively cheap and easy way to start a new career after being laid off, or for anyone looking to be self-employed. After a few thousand dollars and a couple of months of study, you pass state test - and *boom* you are now a home inspector.

If this sounds a little "iffy" when you find yourself choosing a home inspector, you're right. You know thousands, or even tens of thousands of your dollars are riding on your home inspector's acumen.

So, you know you need the home inspector with the right stuff, but what do you look for? It's the rare combination of expert prior builder's experience, and years of property inspection Brett Kelley from Chicago Inspection Agency brings to the table. Here's why: 

Great Builders Make
Great Home Inspectors

You can't understate prior experience in the construction industry in the process of molding great home inspectors. After years of hand's on experience in building homes, the exact nature of their construction and eventual breakdown is second nature for Brett. This not only assures you a top quality home inspection, but then Brett offers his personal value-add - advice on remediation, approximate pricing,  and real customer advocacy - you'll find  immensely valuable. While book educated home inspectors  repeatedly defer their customers to "call a qualified '<tradesman's name here>', for prices and information", the CIA customer already has that information (and no doubts on the quality of their inspectors knowledge).  In short, this is what makes the difference between an average home inspector a great home inspector. It could make thousands of dollars in difference to you.

Chicago Inspection Agency's
Brett Kelley - In Detail

Because classroom education or experience in one trade isn't enough, in addition to being a union carpenter (Elgin Local #363), Mr. Kelley has gone much further in breadth and depth of experience:

  • Built Over 1000 homes since 1978.

  • Construction manager for a prestigious north shore firm.

  • Vice-president of the carpentry division of one of the largest construction companies in Illinois.

Training and certification in professional property inspection standards, field tested  professional home inspection results, and a long record of customer satisfaction complete the picture:

  • Graduate of American Home Inspectors Training Institute

  • Member of interNAHCI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)

  • Licensed The State of Illinois (#050.0001060) home inspector

  • Over 4000+ home inspections, mold inspection, and other indoor air quality inspections since opening in 2004

  • Accredited with "A" rating for highest honesty and  integrity as a home inspector by the Better Business Bureau.*

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More About
Brett  A. Kelley

Brett A. Kelley is the owner and principal property inspector of Chicago Inspection Agency, Inc.

Brett Kelley was already a working  carpenter apprentice before high school graduation in his native Missouri. After three years in the Marine Corp. he returned to carpentry, and worked his way through the University of Missouri.

Coming to Chicago in 1993, he joined the Elgin Local, and within a decade worked his way up to foreman, then contractor, then superintendent and finally  to vice president of carpentry services for a major construction company.

With his experience and expertise to guide him, he started Chicago Inspection Agency in 2003 to further the all-American dream of self employment.  

Semper Fidelis!

Choosing Chicago Inspection Agency for your home inspection

We have 35 yrs. combined experience as a home inspector and a professional builder. We have the home inspection certification, licensing and training. Our prices are extremely reasonable. Above all, all this expertise and experience come together for your benefit in every home inspection we do. This might save you thousands  of dollars over a less qualified competitor. So...

...When you think closely about what's at stake, you can't afford not to choose us.

Thank You for Your Consideration!

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